Yassine Ayari

Head of Arab Music

Yassine was born and raised in Qayrawan, Tunisia. He became well acquainted with the Arab-Andalusian musical traditions at an early age and started to play the nay when he was 12. The performance practices of the instrument led him to develop a great passion for the Andalusian style and essentially prompted interest in other closely related traditional and Western musical cultures. Yassine pursued music at the Higher Institute of Music in Tunisia and obtained his Diploma in nay performance of musicology. Yassine has led a life as both ethnomusicologist and performer ever since. He became a member of the Tunisian National Orchestra and worked with the most renowned Arab singers. In 2003, Yassine enrolled in the ethnomusicology programme at the Sorbonne University where he obtained a M.A. in ethnomusicology and is currently finalizing his PhD studies.

In France, Yassine explored various other styles of music, including electro-acoustic ventures which provided him with an opportunity to obtain knowledge in computer-assisted music, recording, sound design and synthesis, and mixing and mastering techniques.

Yassine is currently the Head of Arab Music at Qatar Music Academy.

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