Message from the Director


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

As you know, we have been looking forward to workshops and concerts organized by various foreign embassies during this month.  Although unfortunate, all of these events have rightly been postponed, some even canceled, due to the ongoing situation in Gaza.

It is possible that some of these workshops may go ahead during the second academic term, but this has yet to be confirmed.

I am writing to inform you that we shall be hosting most of our internal recitals and ensemble concerts towards the end of November,  in December and January at QMA. You can find a full list of these events in the news section of this edition of our ‘In Tune’ newsletter and on our website.

On a slightly different matter, I need to inform you that we have started weekly instrumental lesson feedback. Providing constructive feedback to students is an important part of the learning journey and is crucial to student improvement.

We have started this initiative for two reasons: firstly, it was requested by many parents in our annual survey and secondly, this document will be important for our future accreditation process.

Some parents, who attend their children’s lesson have asked if this work should be done out of lesson time. Please note this is not an exercise which we see as a “waste of time”.  It is crucial that the feedback is done during or towards the end of the lesson.

Timely feedback ensures that nothing is lost!

Your support in this is greatly appreciated.


Zlatan Fazlić

Director of Qatar Music Academy